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everest cleaning services singapore


Our vision for the future is a cleaning company that stands out- one that is run on the basis of a carefully thought out philosophy of partnership through communication and service. We understand that a clean and tidy work place is a small but vital cog in the smooth running of any business. With that in mind we have dedicated ourselves to setting new standards in the area of hygiene and cleaning through an effective combination of regular meetings with customers, site evaluations and devoted team area managers.

everest cleaning services singapore


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Everest Cleaning Services Singapore specialises in Facilities cleaning as well as Restaurants. Set up in 1991, Our dedication in providing the best solution stems from an innate understanding of industry and what clients need in order to run an effective environment for business to thrive on.

At Everest we have the team, the processes and the systems to take responsibility for providing total hygiene solutions for servicing customer’s facilities in the most cost-effective way. Our service focus is on long term continuity and visible quality improvements. With this in mind, Everest hopes to handle and relieve client’s responsibilities of customers’ amenities and people logistics; therefore enabling clients to focus solely on the foundations of their business.

Everest’s goal is to satisfy the client’s requirements at all times and throughout the term of our service. This is achieved by paying close and particular attention to the client’s specific requests followed by the tailoring of job specifications to those needs. Everest has been introducing the Hearing Impaired Employees to some clients and these few employees have made some good impression in the Restaurant Stewarding Industry.

A long term supporter of the Yellow Ribbon Project with SCORE. After working closely with the other workers and the hearing impaired we then closely monitor our staff to ensure that the process of implementation is smooth and undisruptive. Again, our objectives are to let you to concentrate on your business and leave the logistical worry about providing service solutions for your facilities, your customers and your employees to us.

Everest Cleaning Services Singapore

Everest Cleaning Services Singapore is one of the leaders in professional cleaning industry. It specializes in a number of cleaning services, which include restaurant, carpet, as well as floor cleaning. It takes pride in its team of professional and highly-skilled cleaning personnel with extensive years of cleaning experience.

Whether you are in need of a hand to help you maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant, carpet, or floor, it’s always a good idea to hire cleaning experts. You want to make sure that you get effective and efficient cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning

As mentioned above, Everest Cleaning Services Singapore offers premium restaurant cleaning services. Keeping your regular customers and attracting new ones are vital for the success of your business. Therefore, you must maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant by relying on professional cleaning team that can effectively get rid of any dirt in your facility and at the same time ensure food safety at all times.

Carpet Cleaning

Another service that Everest Cleaning provides is carpet cleaning. Most carpet owners forget to maintain their carpets and sometimes overlook the importance of proper carpet care until it’s too late. Carpet is a flooring investment that you should take into account unless you have the means to regularly replacing it. In order to increase the lifespan of your carpet, make sure that all dirt, soil, and other trapped dirt are properly removed.

Floor Cleaning

Everest Cleaning Services Singapore also specializes in floor cleaning. Whatever type of floor you have, it is always a smart idea to keep it in its best condition. Business owners should not neglect the importance of periodic floor cleaning as it is something that could benefit them in the long run. Remember, having a clean floor means that employees can work more effectively as they feel more safe and comfortable.

Everest Cleaning Services Singapore is committed to quality service at all levels and project scales. From small businesses to large international corporations, Everest has maintained a high level of professionalism.  Operations Manager Ranjit Tulsi, has more than 30 years experience in the cleaning service industry as a team dedicated to attaining perfection. Attaining course experience in The British Institute of Cleaning Science BICS & PRO Clean USA, their acute sense for detail to cleanliness and close supervisory control is what sets them apart from other cleaning companies.

Cleaning Services Singapore invest in products and service innovations that focus on new technologies and eco-friendly resources in view of an efficient and cost effective method over the long run. We are in line and aware of global methods and guidelines of the cleaning industry and are constantly striving to be ahead.

Our corporate stand point is guided by ethical values which are deeply embedded in our company’s culture. We do not rest till the job is well done to our client’s satisfaction. Everest does not measure its success simply in financial terms, but in equal measure by how much we fulfill our responsibilities to our employees and customers.

Innovative and cost-effective cleaning solutions for buildings.

Office cleaning, floor waxing, janitor services, building cleaning services and window cleaning

Professional cleaning services will have your café/bar sparkling clean. Quality service at affordable rates.

Proper cleaning management and eradication methods are imperative in striving for a clean environment

Get your business started on the right foot by choosing workers who are a good fit for your business by training them properly.

We offer brilliant cleaning for everything from retail stores to shopping centers and supermarkets.

Everest is recognized as a leading restaurant cleaning supplier for some of the most popular eateries.

We have significant experience working within the transport sector, our knowledge and expertise is unrivaled.


We’d love to have you as a happy customer too.


We appreciate your dedication to excellent service provided to our facility Monday-Friday. Your crew has been doing a wonderful job and we are happy with their work. Your crew exceeds my expectations and I congratulate A+ Cleaning for their commitment to outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to get professional cleaning services

Lucie Toh, Crystal Jade

They do EXCELLENT work. So clean I didn’t want to touch any thing. When they say you can eat off the floor when they finish, no kidding – you could eat off the floor! Thank you Everest for your OUTSTANDING work.

Phillip Ng, Pinnacle Inc.

I just started routine weekly service a month ago and was a bit uneasy at first because my last service was so unprofessional. This company is very professional in every way. I really like their products and great service. They just really work hard and I am so happy. I like that I can have ongoing communication with them through their assessment card. Thanks again Everest for cleaning our restaurant so beautifully.

Pamela Seet, The Royal Steak House



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